Ensemble Program

The Aboriginal Ensemble Program is a distinct opportunity for committed artists interested in pursuing Performing Arts Studies and related artistic activities. It provides for participating artists to learn a variety of skills and become part of Full Circle’s Ensemble.

The emphasis of the ensemble program will be to offer training opportunities for both entry level and experienced artists and provide assistance in the development of personal projects i.e.: mentorship, dramaturgical support, studio readings/performances of works in progress etc.

All ensemble activities will be open to those accepted into the program. Through its hands-on, project based, collaborative approach to programming, Full Circle’s methodology seeks to immerse ensemble members, in a practical way, in the exploration and definition of their own Aboriginal creative “voice”.

Moreover, it helps participants gain a clearer understanding of how their unique contributions may artistically harmonize and reflect the needs and concerns within First Nations communities, Canada and the world at large. This will be accomplished through various methods, including:

WORKSHOP INTENSIVES: Various introductory workshops and training intensives for the Members of the Ensemble and their various projects.

ARTIST TALKS: Pre and post-performance talk-backs with visiting artists, Group discussions after seeing a performance or production.

WORKSHOP DEVELOPMENT: For those interested in delivering theatre workshops for youth and children etc.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Traditional talking circles, learning and sharing First Nations traditional singing, storytelling, and dancing and field trips such as canoe paddling.