Talking Stick @ PuSh Industry Series 2023 Resources

Industry Series Resources

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this transformative festival. We brought Indigenous artists from around the world to share history, learn from one another, and find ways to celebrate and grow Indigenous arts in Canada and abroad.

We are so proud to have seen such a fantastic group of industry professionals and Indigenous leaders participating together to start pushing the Canadian art world forward towards reconciliation. 

Here you will find a library of resources from the 2023 PuSh Festival Industry Series, including recordings of sessions, visual graphics, a gallery (you may even find pictures of yourself!), and (coming soon) a list of the experts and moderators.

Table of Contents


In this video, Mairi shares her family’s practice of birchbark biting, stories about her creative practice, and offers a chance for participants to try the ancient art form themselves by biting into birch bark to make patterns and shapes while taking part in a collective action. 
The birchbark biting demonstration was part of a workshop that hosted Mairi Brascoupe and Émilie Monnet in conversation with moderator Lindsay Lachance. Starting with an interactive demonstration of Birch Bark Biting by Mairi Brascoupe, the artists discuss themes of cultural transmission, land-based work, beavers, and dreams as they connect to Émilie Monnet’s Okinum.
Facilitated by Lindsay Lachance, in conversation with Mairi Brascoupe and Émilie Monnet

Creative Producing Breakout Session

February starts with a look at how best to build the circumstances for success and well-being in performance-making. By focusing this question through the lens of creative producing, the conversation will circle case studies and world-building scenarios for how performance gets made, and how companies can thrive creatively in a world where support feels harder to access.


Why do we “open” shows? Aren’t they always in a state of opening/emerging? How can audiences collaborate in the creative conversation? How can an audience’s engagement and involvement help deepen the path of the creative team? How can we provide spaces that encourage breath and spaciousness? How can we open pathways for supporting creation? 


Hosted by Sarah Garton Standley (The National Creation Fund), in discussion with Marcus Youssef (Siminovitch Prize winning playwright), Adrienne Wong (SpiderWebShow), and a group of incredible arts leaders, this morning is dedicated to energizing our sector and explore ways of transforming our ways of creating.

Indigenous Presenting and Touring Session Break Out

Presenters, producers and artists came together to discuss how to center Indigenous works by using culture, ceremony and relational methodologies to build the framework for touring initiatives. 


Indigenous community members and allies gathered together for a free-flowing circle conversation. We had a circle introduction chance and check in on the state of venues and festivals locally, nationally and internationally from key circle facilitators: Denise Bolduc, Joshua Jackson, Nathan Mudge, Nimkish Younging, Natano Fa’anana, Dakota Camacho, Neil Morris, and Christopher Kaui Morgan.

Main takeaways 
Despite a great shift in the performing arts landscape over the last few years, many amazing festivals, venues and performance opportunities remain for touring musicians. While this circle conversation was intentionally an oral conversation, the importance of getting together and connecting was clear as it was hard to part ways and end the important conversations.

2023 PuSh Event Gallery

Talking Stick Festival at PuSh Industry Series Gallery

Find photos from throughout the Industry Series. See yourself? Feel free to tag yourself in the photo.

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