The Seventh Fire

Co-presented by Talking Stick Festival and Delinquent Theatre

Originally co-presented with Full Circle First Nations Performance, and created with support from the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.


You are invited to connect to the medicine that lives within you with The Seventh Fire, an immersive audio performance inspired by ceremony. Drawing from Anishinaabe stories and oral traditions, artist Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen invokes sound and story as the somatic link to ancestral realms.


The audience enters Lobe Studio, free to stand, sit, lie down or move around according to their ability. As The Seventh Fire commences, the studio’s 4D Sound System envelops all, serving as a portal to dreams and the story of sisters Daanis and Nimise and their grandmother Nokomis.

Cooke Ravensbergen’s creation blurs time and space, bringing emotional and ancestral connection into being through deep collaboration with sound designer Mishelle Cuttler and a matriarchal creative team.


The Seventh Fire takes place in past, present and future, above and below the earth. It is the realm of the spirit, where a better future can be co-conceived.

Lisa C. Ravensbergen

Mother, multihyphenate artist and scholar Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen is of mixed Ojibwe/Swampy Cree and English/Irish ancestry. Her work spans the realms of theatre, curation and teaching, and is rooted in Indigenous protocol and anti-colonial methodologies. Ravensbergen is an Associate Artist with Full Circle: First Nations Performance, Playwright-in-Residence at Delinquent Theatre and founder of the Maada’oonidiwag Canadian Anti-Racist Theatre Exchange.