North America's Premier Indigenous Arts and Culture Festival

The Talking Stick Festival, now in its 21st year, began as a way to showcase and celebrate Indigenous art and performance to a wider audience. From its humble beginnings, this unique and exciting event has grown into a full 2 week Festival at locations across Vancouver.


Now attracting over 20,000 attendees each year and still growing, we are noted as being the premier, multi-disciplinary Indigenous arts festival in North America.

Festival Programming

Over the years, Full Circle has supported many professional and emerging Indigenous artists. Our programming focuses on the diversity of visual arts, dance, theatre, music, powwow and film in both traditional and contemporary formats.


Through the annual Talking Stick Festival, we provide the opportunity for artists to have a voice, a platform, a stage to showcase and share their stories with you – our audience.




Visual Arts


Industry Series

Talking Stick Festival 2022

This year, we gather from all 4 directions to share stories articulated through music, dance, theatre, film and other forms of art presented by the Talking Stick Festival. We travel on our canoe to journey across our ancestral land bringing you, our audience, with us to explore our Indigenous culture through the arts.


The eagles circle over the travelers blessing them with courage, wisdom, inspiration and strength to persevere across any terrain. The ancestral silhouettes hover above the sky, water and earth watching over them and providing guidance in their journey. While the cedar bough at the “bow” of the canoe is meant to provide protection against negative energies they may encounter during their travels.


The backdrop of this year’s theme is set against the majestic mountains and ocean that meet in the land of the Coast Salish People – a diverse First Nations community. We communicate our theme “Come Together” in the 3 languages spoken in this land: Ḵxwúsem (Squamish), m̓i q̓əq̓aʔt ct (Musqueam) and Qápqúthut (Tsleil-Waututh).


This year’s festival will be a unique experience. Our performances will be a mix of Full Circle produced events and partnerships with other notable local performing arts organizations. From June 12th to July 3rd, we will celebrate National Indigenous History Month by showcasing our talented Indigenous performers and artists.


We invite you to come aboard our canoe and experience our culture and history in Vancouver.

Sacred Skin Visual Arts

Presented by Full Circle
Jun 13 - 30

Stories That Transform Us

Co-presented with Urban Ink
Jun 12

La Mitchin di Mitchif

Co-presented with Compaigni V'Ni Dansi
Jun 19 - 21

Vancouver Jazz Festival

Co-presented with Coastal Jazz Blues Society
Jun 24 - July 3

Indigenous Summer Stage

Presented by Full Circle
Jun 24


Stage Readings
Co-presented with Western Gold Theatre
Jun 15 & 16


Honouring The Children
Downtown Eastside
Jun 18

Medicine Workshop

Date: June 26

Festival History Archived Gallery

With over 20 years of events and productions, we curated a collection of our past promotional materials that can be accessed through our archived gallery so you can enjoy a historical view of the past few years.

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