Written Word, Oral Culture Series

We travel in two canoes

This coming season Full Circle has an exciting new series of events.

The overarching theme of these events will discuss, investigate or develop ideas and works within the framework of the written word and oral culture practices of Indigenous people.

From play readings to storytelling practice discussions to celebrating the oral structures of our art making to the step we have taken into the culture of the written word; we will take a look into the two worlds our arts practitioners work in and highlight the challenges and successes of this artistic journey in two canoes.

Series Events

Birthright and Responsibility

A community dialogue.

Read Red

New play reading event – Partnered with Savage Society to read CITY NDN LUV written by Kelsey Wavey on December 19/22 at the C-Lab, The Cultch.

Industry Workshop and Presentation

A play ready for work beyond the written word will go through a week of development and end with a community presentation of the workshop process. Partnered with Presentation House and Massey Theatre.

From Page to Stage

Celebrating Indigenous authors by performing their works for children in community venues. Partnered with Presentation House (and possibly the North Vancouver Public Library).