20th Anniversary of the Talking Stick Festival

20th Anniversary of the Talking Stick Festival

Season of Four Fires

Full Circle calls to the Four Directions and All Our Relations to gather around Four Fires, in each season: winter, spring, summer, and fall.


The Fire calls us into Right Relations with each other. Celebrating acts of artistic transformation, creative defiance, community-building and making space for all voices.  Past, present, and future: sparks of our Sacred Fire, inspiring us to acknowledge and honor the Teachings and Knowledge of our Elders, for the well-being of al our communities.


We start with Winter Lodge, where we celebrate with performances and engage our audiences by sharing stories and knowledge through a series of virtual conversations, discussions, panels and talking circles. 


After our time together in The Winter Lodge, we move into Spring Awakening.

A shift and renewal
Ancestors heading Home
Time to Gather Medicines to heal one another


We invite you to join us for stories, songs and dances that bring that spirit of hope and healing.


After The Spring Awakening, we move to the 3rd season of fires — Summer Sojourn where we call to the Four Corners of Turtle Island and invite you all to join us in lighting the fire with celebrations starting on June 1st. 

Join us for Seasons of Four Fires: Summer Sojourn
starting June 1st.

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