The KAYACHTEN project is an experimental program that will take artists on a journey based in the traditional teachings of the Squamish canoe family. S7aplek Bob Baker of the Squamish Nation will take the participants through the culture and tact behind the ancient and proud tradition.


The main motivation behind the Kayachten Project is to provide artists with access to cultural teachings of the area in which they work and live. It is recognized that there is a need for this type of work in this community. We firmly believe that what is taught and learned in these expeditions will directly impact the artist’s craft and the way they move forward in their creative practice.


Kayachten is an investment in the Indigenous creative process. It is important to understand that, as Indigenous people, art is fundamentally vital to our way of life and that our entire approach to creation differs from the non Indigenous artist. We believe that, by emphasizing the journey rather than the destination, truly inspiring results will form. In the Canoe we are literally leaving this “world” and venturing into a new realm of medicine, culture and ceremony. We are here to guide you through this process so that you can take these teachings and apply them to your everyday life, especially in the creative and spiritually rooted sectors of your earth walk.


After a series of 4 paddles together, the artists will develop collaborative works that will be shared with the public in October 2022

Participating Artists

  • Sierra Baker: Designer
  • Jesen Littlemoustache: Poet/ Musician
  • Zofia Musiej: Writer/culinary/ musician
  • Justin Percival: Poet/ Musician
  • Quinn Pickering: Music Production
  • Richard (Pisim) Smallboy: Poet/ musician
  • Tarene Thomas: Writer
  • Kelsey Wavey: Theatre Artist

Creative Team

  • Joshua Jackson: Project Lead
  • S7aplek Bob Baker: Squamish Elder
  • Misty Paul: Production Assistant

The KAYACHTEN Project was made possible through the generous support of: