Feasting Our Words

Season of Four Fires
Feasting Our Words
Oct 26— Oct 27, 2021

Feasting Our Words builds our collective Fire

through our songs, dance, deeds, and stories


A way to remember our

Sacred Teachings



to honour legacy, to celebrate abundance


We raise our hands to those who have gathered throughout this season of four fires. With gratitude, we honour those who have made possible a 20-year legacy of creative sovereignty, cultural wisdom, and Indigenous joy.


We feast in honour and remembrance for what has endured. We feast around this final fire to strengthen those who carry forth the sacred roles of artist, knowledge keeper, warrior, teacher, leader and learner.


Our work around these four fires has been an echo of our ancestor’s sacred teachings and a call to the future ancestors within us all. Gather now to feast our words, to ensure a lineage of Indigenous abundance, and to harvest a collective embodiment of ancestral hope.


Talking Stick Festival Social