Brenda Crabtree

TSF 2018 Visual ArtistXyolholemo:t – Brenda Crabtree is a member of the Spuzzum Band – Nlaka’pamux Nation. Her art practice includes cedar and spruce root weaving, drum making, moose hair tufting and beadwork.

Farmed and Dangerous

The sanginous drums represent salmon eggs and the fish skeletons represent the death of our wild salmon. Deadly diseases and residual waste contaminants from BC Salmon farms cause environmental damage, human heath consequences and are infecting our wild salmon stocks.

Antibiotics, pesticides…even toxic copper sulphate is sometimes used to keep the nets free of algae… all contribute to salmon suffering from lesions, disfigured spines, swollen gills, sea lice, Piscine Reovirus (PRV- highly contagious virus that most farmed salmon carry) Heart Skeletal and Muscle Infection (HSMI) and much more…