Circadia Indigena

TSF 2017 Performers

Circadia Indigena – Indigenous Arts Collective is based in Ottawa, Ontario and has been operating as an ad hoc arts collective since 2010. Circadia Indigena is made up of professional and community artists from a variety of First Nations who bring their artistic experience, expertise and knowledge to projects of a cultural, collaborative, and highly creative nature. This arts circle is a diverse and flexible group of Indigenous artists dedicated to developing, presenting, producing, animating and disseminating outstanding visual and performance art rooted in Indigenous culture, languages, and relation to the land. Circadia Indigena was created to bring in to being gathering places where Aboriginal artists can remember, and create new images that restore oral traditions (language), performance aesthetics, music/song, and the visual arts. The collective supports Indigenous artists to tell their stories through: theatre, dance, storytelling, film, music, electronic media, performance, and cultural presentations. Creating and restoring stories that merge cultural history with our contemporary voices, presenting dreams and images for now and our future generations.

Facebook: /CircadiaIndigena