Maynard Johnny Jr

TSF 2018 Visual Artist

Maynard Johnny is a First Nations artist who has studied and worked since the age of seventeen. His inspiration comes from many Northwest Coast artists including Robert Davidson, the late great Art Thompson, and Mark Henderson.

Principally involved in graphic work, Maynard additionally designs and creates jewellery in silver and gold. Throughout his career he has been interested in and enjoyed working with wood. He has carved a number of masks and panels. He has received several logo design awards from Native organizations.

Maynard was honoured to design an eight-foot by three-foot salmon sculpture for the World Trade Centre, New York to honour those lost in the 9/11 tragedy.

His numerous exhibitions include a Miniature Exhibition at Alcheringa Gallery, Young Bloods at the Douglas Reynolds Gallery, and a Salish exhibition with Charles Elliot, plus several solo shows. Maynard continues sharing his culture through alternate mediums such as precious metals.