TSF 2021: Visual Arts Exhibition

Artwork by Whess Harman



LAND/TRUST was filmed in the so-called Pacific Spirit Park. Land that was stolen and remains unceded by the Musqueam people. The performance was originally intended to be filmed on my home territories. I wanted to leave a part of myself there, especially because I cannot feel whole when I am there. I still do.

However, I’ve been living on Coast Salish territories for most of my adult life; it has held me, and nourished relationships that have become dear to me. To that, I trust this land implicitly, and I trust its interconnectivity to my own homeland; I trust that it can hold the pieces that I cannot. Since the beginning of the pandemic, and prior to that with the Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades, I have lost too many people and pieces to feel like the same person in a way that is so profoundly different than any other part of my life. This performance is a plea to the land to keep broken pieces safe when they can no longer be held.

Whess Harman, 2021