Rulan Tangen (2015)

Dancing Land Connections

Rulan Tan­gen, Found­ing Artis­tic Director/​Choreographer of Danc­ing Earth, is hon­ored to return to Van­cou­ver from the South­west desert where she is in res­i­dence, to share her vision with the com­mu­ni­ty of Full Cir­cle. Her work pri­or­i­tizes ‘Woniya” (breath of life), the spine as link to iden­ti­ty and ances­tral knowl­edge, and the intu­ition of body to con­nect to ener­gies of the plan­et Through move­ment and sound, she explores diver­si­ty and its impact on the indi­vid­ual and group dynam­ic. She hon­ors the innate sym­bol­ism of cul­tur­al art forms, the capac­i­ty of move­ment for heal­ing, and the deep metaphors that can expressed through embod­i­ment. Through the lan­guage of dance, par­tic­i­pants will get a unique cul­tur­al expe­ri­ence to grow greater capac­i­ty for under­stand­ing for life on earth.