Moonlodge Reviews

“[Kane’s] play, like a great sculpture, was a testament to how we can mould pain into beauty.” Alex Bustos, The Charlatan (Carleton University)

“[Kane] creates vivid images that linger in the mind.” Chris Baker, Ottawa X Press

“The success of this relatively simple story is Kane’s willingness to poke fun at everyone, as well as her ability to create wonderfully recognizable characters.” Eve Edmonds, The Ottawa Sun

“Dancer, singer and mesmerizing storyteller Margo Kane has the unerring ability to hold an audience in the palm of her hand.” Janice Kennedy, The Ottawa Citizen

“With nothing but a drum and suitcase for props, she weaves a spell that draws us all in, Natives and non-Natives together.” Jane Emson, The Kamloops Daily News

“The colours of the piece are shaded so delicately between comedy and poignance – and they play across Kane’s particularly expressive face like northern lights.” Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

“Kane’s storytelling is innately theatrical, her superb physicalisation of events and the colourful characters she meets on her journey placing this production in the very top echelon of the solo-performer format. The 90 minute show has heart, charm and finesse, alongside a truth that cuts deep.” Festival of the Dreaming