Interview with Margo Kane & Corey Payette

Article posted on Artslandia

Seventeen years after writing Moonlodge, Margo Kane is now passing her work into the hands of two of Canada’s brightest upcoming theatre artists. Directed by Corey Payette, Moonlodge will, for the first time, be performed by a different actor, Paula-Jean Prudat.

Can you tell us a bit about the story?
MK: Moonlodge tells the story of a young girl named Agnes who was removed from her home by Child Welfare government services and placed in a series of foster homes. Agnes hitchhikes across America in an effort to discover the authentic voice inside her that had been silenced, but never lost. The story is a classic in Canadian Aboriginal theatre.

How long has this new production been in the works? 
MK: Corey, PJ and I were given a workshop at the National Arts Centre English Theatre in the 2015-16 season to begin bringing this new version of Moonlodge to life. This new production produced by Urban Ink, in partnership with Arts Club Theatre and Full Circle: First Nations Performance, will headline our 2017 Talking Stick Festival.

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