Job Posting: Technical Director


The Technical Director is responsible for the smooth operation of the technical aspects of all productions presented in the Festival.  The Technical Director plays a key role as liaison between the venue production staff and other Festival departments.

This contract position will include but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Be up to date with the technical requirements of all participating Festival presentations and venues.
  • Oversee implementation of technical elements for all shows (except partnered presentations) and events in the Festival venues.
  • Work with stage managers to make sure that all companies’ needs are met, and to ensure a comfortable, friendly working atmosphere during their stay.
  • Oversee set-ups, strikes and clean ups for all Festival venues.
  • Supervise TSF production personnel, including the Venue Technical Director.
  • Help carry out the technical schedule in cooperation with the Artistic Managing Director and Production Manager.
  • Liaise with Communications Manager on production of gobos or other marketing & communications technical needs.
  • Work with the Artistic Managing Director and Production Manager in the planning and preparation of each Festival’s program plan, specifically in the area of costing and budgeting potential productions.
  • Be familiar with both the Actsafe “General Code of Safe Practices for Production” and Worksafe BC’s “Regulation and Guidelines for Performing Arts and Film” in order to insure safety and security in the venues, in keeping with industry standards.
  • Establish final seating capacity within budgetary constraints and safety regulations and artistic requirements in consultation with Artistic Managing Director, Production Manager, Operations Manager (Audience Services) and Managing Director.
  • Attend regular production meetings of the staff and contractors as scheduled by the Managing Director.
  • Assist Production Manager as required in preparation of Production department final report.


Date: February 4 to March 3, 2019
Rate of Pay: $1000.00 per week (2 weeks of prep & 2 weeks at the Festival)
How to Apply:  Email resume and cover letter to (subject line: Talking Stick TECHNICAL DIRECTOR)

Application Deadline: position will be filled as soon as the correct person is found.


About Full Circle: First Nations Performance:

Full Circle: First Nations Performance is a not-for-profit performing arts society, founded in 1992. Our mandate is to create opportunities for Indigenous artists, writers and performers to express the reality of Indigenous experience and to work in harmony with Indigenous traditions while engaging contemporary performance technique in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Full Circle also presents the Annual Talking Stick Festival. This vibrant citywide festival provides a stage for extraordinary Indigenous artists; established and emerging, national and international, performing live music, dance, theatre, multi-media, storytelling and performance art.