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Talking Stick @ PuSh Industry Series

Indigenous Performing Arts Practices: Artistic Processes – What We Carry (With Us)

Facilitated by Lindsay Lachance
Panelists: Santee Smith, Tammy Hailiʻōpua Baker, Tara Beagan
Witness: Deneh’Cho Thompson


Many Indigenous artists create and collaborate from places that are specific to who we are and where we come from. Languages, our territories, stories, values and lived experiences influence artistic process, and this session will explore how artists, educators, and designers infuse themselves into their practices. Our panelists will discuss how their family/nation/community- specific teachings, protocol, and knowledges are being transformed into their theatrical works.

Indigenous Performing Arts Presenting: Touring From an Indigenous Perspective

Facilitated by: Dolina Wehipeihana
Panelists: Margo Kane, ShoShona Kish, Jacob Boehme, Merindah Donnelly, Hone Kouka
Witness: Denise Bolduc


This roundtable sparks a complex conversation that centres around touring and examines the current transactional relationship between presenters and artists.


How do we move towards a more relational model that aligns with Indigenous ways of working? How do we build a stronger eco-system where Indigenous artists are not only programmed – but welcomed, held and supported by presenters and connected with local lndigenous communities? 


Indigenous presenters, artists and companies have been leading the rise of the international presentation of Indigenous work, traversing between non-Indigenous led organizations and sovereign spaces.  


This roundtable discussion brings together Indigenous presenters and artists from Canada, Australia and New Zealand to share what has worked for them, interrogate the current models, and explore ways forward for working together in sustainable and relational ways.

Indigenous Performing Arts Protocols: Modeling Right Relations

Facilitated by Mique’l Dangeli
Panelists: Michelle Olson, Reneltta Arluk, Dakota Alcantara-Camacho, Rosemary Georgeson, Ronnie Dean Harris, Meena Natarajan
Witness: S7aplek Bob Baker


What do right relations look like? How can we work together to create collaborative practices where healthy relationality is foundational? What are our responsibilities to one another and the land when collaborating? How do we know what our place is in the process? How do we challenge and rebuild structures and infrastructures so that ways of working in right relation have a legacy for future work?


In this session, artists share case studies from their own work where right relation-making and artistic collaborations were modeled, and offer steps for repair when relations are ruptured. Modeling Right Relations examines lived experiences so we can collectively learn from, and move forward with healthy and generative working relationships.

Talking Stick @ CLUB PuSh

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