Audie Murray


Artist Statement

My tattoo work is informed by Indigenous cultures, motifs, and imagery, with an overarching theme of care, medicine, and growth. I specifically research Métis and Cree tattooing traditions and ways of knowing to inform my current process. In short, this process includes design work, creating an appropriate environment to be tattooed, and the physical act of tattooing. 


I practice hand poke and skin stitching methods, prioritizing skin stitching. Working with Indigenous peoples from all nations to prioritize their connection to self, body, family, and home, each tattoo is collaborative between myself and the person being tattooed. I specialize in working with familial designs passed down from the wearer’s lineage, or producing a unique design informed by specific cultural imagery. 


My process has changed over time and will continue to shift into the future. At this time, I am only tattooing those who I am able to work with in a meaningful way. What I mean by this is, that I am creating a dialogue with those who are able to respect the ways that I work. I am not able to produce tattoos on a specific timeline and reserve the right to prolong any tattooing plans until it feels in alignment. My current tattoo practice centers on ongoing relationality to best suit both of our needs.