Dion Kaszas


Artist Statement

Doing the work of reviving my ancestral embodied mark making practice has been transformative for me as a practitioner, journeying with people as they use the internal resources that they posses to do the work they need for themselves. In no way do I see me the practitioner as the catalyst for transformation. I see this process of receiving big work or body work that requires commitment and perseverance, unveils the tools each of us already have. We are the embodiment of our ancestor’s resilience, made manifest in our genes. We must celebrate the gifts we have been given by badass peoples that gifted us our family lineages with the strength and power to survive and begin to thrive. Tattoo medicine is not about us as practitioners. It is about you. You have the power, you are still here, you are a survivor, and you are amazing and beautiful. Embrace those things as you venture into becoming a full human being.