The Legacy 150 Celebrations Society

Canadian communities across and throughout Canada come together and drum to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday! The Legacy 150 Celebrations Society (a Federal non-profit organization) took initiative in organizing the Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Celebration project, which proposes a series of regional drumming events that will occur simultaneously across Canada, to form a dynamic national drumming event occurring on Canada Day, July 1st, 2017.

This unified Canada 150 Drumming activity can be done on any variety of drums of every culture and ethnicity that makes Canada a great country. This commemorative, fun event will demonstrate the inclusive, multicultural society that Canada is all about.

In concert with seven regional committees across Canada, the National Committee has already received support from over 200 community organizations across Canada in this collaborative initiative. Conceived by a dedicated group of volunteers, the event provides a platform for sponsors, donors, drummers, and volunteers alike to take in the patriotic spirit.

Canada 150+ will also include The Drum Is Calling Festival at Larwill Park from July 22 to 30, which is being curated by aboriginal storyteller, singer, dancer, and producer Margo Kane with the help of our Cultural and Community Liaison, Rebecca Duncan.

To find out more information, check out their website.