Call For a First Nations Performer

NOMADIC TEMPEST is a new work featuring metaphoric multi-disciplinary theatre and music spectacle revelation of climate refugees on a dreadlocked planet.

The Caravan Stage Company, ( is a professional non-profit theatre company that travels and performs with a diverse cast on it’s own 90 ft Sailing/Theatre Ship. The Caravan creates original experimental theatre/opera encompassing the themes of human and civil rights, social and environmental justice. The cast and crew live, work, and sail on the Caravan’s theatre ship, Amara Zee. The shows are staged on the ship with original music, singing, aerial artistry, large scenic elements manipulated by the performers, video and animation projections, and intensive lighting and sound effects.

In 2017, the show will rehearse in St Petersburg FL with a dedicated crew of Canadian, US & EU artists and designers. After opening the show in Florida, the Caravan will tour to New Orleans & Houston. Then the ship will be loaded on a cargo ship and transported to the Salish Sea where the Caravan will perform in Ladysmith, New Westminster, Vancouver, Bowen Island and Victoria.

Caravan Stage Company is a non-profit, non-union, theatre company that provides room and board during production and touring plus a weekly salary and all travel expenses.

This is an intense, exhilarating, creative & traveling adventure! See the south and west coast
of North America/Canada at a slow pace, from the water, along the waterways of the US South to the beautiful coastal shores of the Salish Sea.

Location: Rehearsal in St Petersburg, FL & Tour of Gulf of Mexico & Salish Sea

Duration: From February 1 to October 1, 2017